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Paper Topic: 5369 September 17, 2009

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Well, I feel accomplished. I finally calmed the thoughts in my mind long enough to filter through a topic for 5369 Theories of Technology.

Two of my research interests are online environments and writing instruction, particularly instruction for basic/remedial writing, and I had an idea of what I wanted to write about, but I was having an extremely hard time trying to state it in a research question.

Finally, here’s the question: Is the use of online environments an effective way to teach remedial writing?

Dr. Carter thought the question was a good one, but she suggested I look at that term, online environments, and narrow it down.

So that’s my next agenda. Figure out what online environment I want to examine and then hop into research-a-thon.

One paper topic down. Three more paper topics (for three other classes) to go.