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Chapter 18 ~ “Toward of Philosophy of Technology” by Hans Jonas August 31, 2009

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Through reading Jonas, there is no doubt that technology’s purpose has shifted from its earlier formation in which it was a possession and a state to its modern take as one of enterprise and process.

Everything about modern technology seems to be about more, now, progress. There is no “end.” According to Jonas, every new step, no matter the direction, lends itself to even more opportunities to explore.  There is no saturation point as in earlier technology. Every innovation spreads like wildfire through communities. There is no “means to an end” in and of itself because each “end” sparks opportunities for new means to be researched, created.

One line that in the piece that says a lot is “Technology adds to the very objectives of human desires.” All desires are not good. And as egotistical as man is, how do we wrangle in the desires so that we are not controlled by technology? If with this “restless technology”…”there can be indefinite progress because there is always something new and better to find,” how do we quantify “better”? How do we return to ethics and morality in regards to technology to stop the tide of “virtual infinity”?